Thursday, February 26, 2009

Accident...this time 2 parties

It just over 1 year since the last time I had a serious accident (see entry dah-rezekino-regretalhamdullillah), and today is the anniversary celebration, maybe.

Just passed 7.30 am, on my way work @ round-about after Toyota Intersection towards Corniche. The new RAV4 is in front for a while( on the far left lane-speeding lane), but running at 60-70 km/h. Arriving at the Crime Scene, one ferrari's red Camry suddenly stopped to give way to one stupid driver on the right to go to the far left exit at this R/A, another victim(RAV4) also stopped and followed by Acadia(me). No problem at this time until entering the exit towards Corniche where again this Camry made a sudden stopped, then again followed by RAV4. The Acadia did not anticipate the act, which was due to nothing. Then the loud skrreeeeeeeeeeeettttttt... followed by big banggg.!! and a broken back wind shield. The glass shattered everywhere. I did not panic, seriously, much cooler in handling the event. Immediately got out and admitted the by law rules that, ' the one at the back is always the wrong doer '. The guy in RAV4 is older than me, with wife and kid. He's also seems a nice man with a bit panic, but reasonable. He was not blaming me for the whole situation but of course want me to admit the fault. I called 999 and tell the police that was my fault in order to get the green light to move the vehicles, so as not to block/interfere the passing by traffics.

Then we made a report at the Airport Traffic and Investigation Department located at Mataar Qadeem. Got to pay for the summon for QAR110 (inclusive of stamping QAR10).

I will proceed with the repair at Mannai Workshop, maybe on Saturday(28Fen2009) since I have no rush for insurance approval due to third party coverage. There was an entry at this blog on how the QIC(Qatar Insurance Company) of did not want to accept my Comprensive Coverage application due to the high claimed on the Airbag thing that I had earlier..! Now I know why...kih kih kih..! They are right after a year, If I'm under probation, then I was failed.

As to me, this accident seems unavoidable, I could not drive much slower than 60Km/h at the far left lane. Also got reminded by a good friend Muhammad Syed Faisal at my FB Status on the same day with the Hadith,

Suhaib ibn Sinan narrated that the Prophet (s) said: "How remarkable is the case of the believer! There is good for him in everything, but this is not the case for anyone except for the believer. When the believer receives any good, he is thankful to Allah, and gets a reward. And when some misfortune befalls him, he endures it patiently, for which he is (also) rewarded."

That is true indeed,...! Shukran ya akhi, Syed...!

Anyway, itulah rezeki melimpah...Alhamdulillah

Selalu dok kutuk Maam, sebab dia Ratu Saman, as for me Raja Repair...he he he bukan Raja Lawak....!!

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Obsolete Gadgets

It is a planned thing for having a devices for not more than 2 or 3 years. If you are having a gadgets and you're a tech savvy, believe me you'll have a new one almost every 1 year for a replacement or every 4 months for a new thing either due to damages or technological changes.
No matter what they are, computer, laptops (Mac, Windows), Phone, iphone,Ipod, PDA, Palm, Wii, PS3/2/one, GPS, Walkie, D/SLR, Lense, CAM, DVD Player, HDPlayer, BlueRay Player, Plasma, LCD, Dish, Bose earphone, Speakers, HiFi, DreamBox, Inverter, RC Toys or even a Compressor, you will not in a day not thinking about it.
It is like a time boom being installed in these devices. After a certain usage or even not used frequently but when it reach certain time it will be obsolete.
It is like"

I'm having Glofiish M700 which I'm quite satisfied with the performance. For almost 2.5 years we were together, it comes to an end last week where the Mini USB port became unusable, because all the soldering part become weak during the usage.

I tried to solder back but, need to use a micro-tronic soldering tools which I was not intended to have, now will be in my wish list also. So the battery can't be charged but the incoporated phone/garminXT/pda still can be used. I would like to have this iphone 3G but I would have to buy Garmin separately and still have to JailBreak the firmware since will have this from UK (about QAR 2K) and Vodafone Sim-lock.

Actually I'm thinking of having nothing else other than ETEN- Glofiish but not M700 since this is no longer in production and the new version is more advanced with built in HSDPA and latest original software forFB, YM, Skype etc also incorporated. What I like most about this Glofiish is because, I don't have to buy a new Garmin device since it's already embedded with GPS SiRF Star III Chipset (same as my M700) which will accepts 23 satellite signals for fast and accurate navigation.

The only problem with PDA is that we would not find more than 64Mb SDRAM for faster access but can be offset by the fast Processor and in this case hopefully Samsung S3 533MHz might help. At least 256 Mb flash ROM will improve the performance this time beside Micro SD for program installation.
If I have to make a choice, it is not definite but I'm more on to Glofiish X900 or maybe M650 if the price make the differences. Anyway still in the evaluation process until it is done.

Post Note for 'Prediction for A Visitor From London'


Well, she was here for 3 days, arriving @ 10.30pm on Friday 20th Feb and leaving for London @11.30pm on 23rd Feb 2009. We had Saturday, Sunday and Monday to show her the charming and balzing city of Doha.
We went to:
1. Islamic Art Museum/Corniche-Saturday
2. Singing Dune-Sunday
3. Sealine/Quad Bike/QTel Oasis-Sunday
4. Souq Waqif and other souqs-Monday
5. Thai Smile, Seri Kebaya, Makan2 invitation Other Restaurants (Not Available in UK)

I think it was a successful planned. This is based on the sms sent by her once arrived there "Dah selamat sampai.tq very much for great hospitality.i had a brilliant time".
We had the same too. So far we never failed of being a good host. The kids also enjoyed when she's here, because she is a good aunt, not because she always had to bring something for the kids and us but most of all is because she likes to listen to them. She asked to look at the report cards and listen to anything the kids have to say.

For us, we intend to be as the best host ever. If we would treat the best to our friend we will treat the very best to our own family. My wife received the upmost compliment during the stay, especially when most of the time was about food, and it is not just a simple nasi but with Budo, Laksam, Sup Tulang, Nasik Lemak, Char-Kuay-Teow and all. Actually it is hard or none of these food is available there in London, so for that reasons we present these especially for her.

Hope she will be coming back again during raya.

Tazkirah Feb 2009

خمسة أشياء كلنا نريدها و نحاول الحصول عليها
lima perkara semua kita mahukannya dan kita usaha utk mendapatkannya

1-وجه جميل
1:wajah yang cantik

2- فلوس بالملاين
2:duit yang banyak

3- صحة قوية
3:kesihatan yang baik

4- اولاد شاطرين وفالحين مثلنا
4:anak2 yg cerdik dan berjaya macam kita

5- نوم عميق من دون مهدئات و أدوية
5:tidur yang nenyak tanpa ganguan

سهلة جدا و بوصفة سحرية و سهلة تستغرق 15 دقيقة يومياً ! كيف؟؟؟؟؟
senang jer untuk mendapatkannya hanya 15minit setiap hari.
قال رسول الله صلى الله عليه وآله وسلم
: kata nabi saw

من ترك صلاة الصبح فليس في وجهه نور و من ترك صلاة الظهر فليس في رزقه
siapa yang tinggalkan solat subuh tiadalah padanya nur di wajahnya
dan siapa yang tinggalkan solat zohor tiadalah padanya rezki yang berkat

بركة و من ترك صلاة العصر فليس في جسمه قوة و من ترك صلاة المغرب فليس في
dan barang siapa yang tinggalkan solat asar tiadalah padanya kekuatan badan,dan siapa yang tinggalkan solat maghrib tiadalah padanya anak2 yg bermanfaat

أولاده ثمرة و من ترك صلاة العشاء فليس في نومه راحة
dan barangsiapa yang tinggalkan solat isyak tiadalah padanya tidur yang nyenyak

بلغ عن الرسول (صلى الله عليه وآله وسلم ) ولو آية
sampaikanlah daripada nabi saw itu walaupun satu ayat

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Makna Bacaan Dalam Sembahyang

DJust Got This via YahooGroup:

Allah Maha Besar

Doa Iftitah
Allah Maha Besar dan segala puji bagi Allah dengan banyaknya. Maha suci Allah sepanjang pagi dan petang. Aku hadapkan wajahku bagi Tuhan yang mencipta langit dan bumi, dengan suasana lurus dan berserah diri dan aku bukan dari golongan orang musyrik. Sesungguhnya solatku, Ibadatku, hidupku, matiku adalah untuk Allah Tuhan sekelian alam. Tidak ada sekutu bagiNya dan kepadaku diperintahkan untuk tidak menyekutukan bagiNya dan aku dari golongan orang Islam.

Dengan nama Allah yang maha Pemurah lagi maha Mengasihani. Segala puji bagi Allah, Tuhan semesta alam. Yang maha pemurah lagi maha mengasihani. Yang menguasai hari pembalasan. Hanya Engkaulah yang kami sembah dan hanya kepada Engkau kami mohon pertolongan. Tunjukilah kami jalan yang lurus. Iaitu jalan orang-orang yang Engkau kurniakan nikmat kepada mereka, bukan jalan mereka yang Engkau murkai dan bukan jalan mereka yang sesat.

Bacaan ketika rukuk
Maha Suci TuhanKu Yang Maha Mulia dan dengan segala puji-pujiannya.

Bacaan ketika bangun dari rukuk
Allah mendengar pujian orang yang memujinya.

Bacaan ketika iktidal
Wahai Tuhan kami, bagi Engkaulah segala pujian.

Bacaan ketika sujud
Maha suci TuhanKu yang Maha Tinggi dan dengan segala puji-pujiannya.

Bacaan ketika duduk di antara dua sujud
Ya Allah, ampunilah daku, Rahmatilah daku, kayakan daku, angkatlah darjatku, rezekikan daku, berilah aku hidayah, sihatkanlah daku dan maafkanlah akan daku.

Bacaan ketika Tahiyat Awal
Segala penghormatan yang berkat solat yang baik adalah untuk Allah. Sejahtera atas engkau wahai Nabi dan rahmat Allah serta keberkatannya. Sejahtera ke atas kami dan atas hamba-hamba Allah yang soleh. Aku naik saksi bahawa tiada Tuhan melainkan Allah dan aku naik saksi bahawasanya Muhammad itu adalah pesuruh Allah. Ya Tuhan kami, selawatkanlah ke atas Nabi Muhammad.

Bacaan ketika Tahiyat Akhir
Segala penghormatan yang berkat solat yang baik adalah untuk Allah. Sejahtera atas engkau wahai Nabi dan rahmat Allah serta keberkatannya. Sejahtera ke atas kami dan atas hamba-hamba Allah yang soleh. Aku naik saksi bahawa tiada Tuhan melainkan Allah dan aku naik saksi bahawasanya Muhammad itu adalah pesuruh Allah. Ya Tuhan kami, selawatkanlah ke atas Nabi Muhammad dan ke atas keluarganya. Sebagaimana Engkau selawatkan ke atas Ibrahim dan atas keluarga Ibrahim. Berkatilah ke atas Muhammad dan atas keluarganya sebagaimana Engkau berkati ke atas Ibrahim dan atas keluarga Ibrahim di dalam alam ini. Sesungguhnya Engkau Maha Terpuji lagi Maha Agung.

Doa Qunut
Ya Allah, berilah aku petunjuk sebagaimana orang-orang yang telah Engkau tunjuki. Sejahterakanlah aku sebagaimana orang-orang yang telah Engkau sejahterakan. Pimpinlah aku sebagaimana orang-orang yang telah Engkau pimpin. Berkatilah hendaknya untukku apa-pa yang telah Engkau berikan padaku. Jauhkanlah aku daripada segala kejahatan yang telah Engkau tetapkan. Sesungguhnya hanya Engkau sahajalah yang menetapkan, dan tidak sesiapapun yang berkuasa menetapkan sesuatu selain daripada Engkau. Sesungguhnya tidak terhina orang yang memperolehi pimpinanMu. Dan tidak mulia orang-orang yang Engkau musuhi. Telah memberi berkat Engkau, ya Tuhan kami dan maha tinggi Engkau. Hanya untuk Engkau sahajalah segala macam puji terhadap apa-apa yang telah Engkau tetapkan. Dan aku minta ampun dan bertaubat kepada Engkau. Dan Allah rahmatilah Muhammad, Nabi yang ummi dan sejahtera keatas keluarganya dan sahabat-sahabatnya.

"wahai tuhan ku,aku tak layak utk kesyurgamu ...namun tak pula aku sanggup keNerakamu.. ..kami lah hamba yang mengharap belas kasihan darimu ."ya allah jadikan lah kami hamba2 mu yang bertaqwa..ampunkan dosa2 kami .kedua ibubapa kami .dosa semua umat2 islam yang masih hidup mahupun yang telah meninggal dunia"

Satay Night..!!

We were planning to participate in the Malaysian Bazaar (Food Stall) event which should be on 13th Feb 2009 but cancelled - Maybe due to less-responses from Malaysian in Doha/Qatar stall owner. Don't know why, maybe they thought that they must be 100% involve in pasar malam baru nak participate. Due to this cancellation, My Ma'am and crew members had came up with the idea of having satey night with Reb and Black Theme, instead to celebrate a few friends for leaving Qatar for good. To celebrate means nothing other than to appreciate the frienship to be remembered as we are not going to be seeing each other so often in the future.

We are having a farewell for (1) Ramzi + his forever friend/wife Fadzilah + Lovely Jasmine(daughter) + Son and also for (2) Gombak + Noreen+Riha+Ridzwan. Good Luck to both families in their career and in all future endeavours.

Baby Aiza with 'Rock' hand gesture.

Crew in group photo session

Having fun which already feels like Raya, or more of Raya Cina because of the RED THEME and also Limau Mandarin. The kids having fun with karaoke and twister game.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Ouuuchhh...Kena Saman Lagi....!!!!500 hu hu!

Oucchhhh...! Itulah perkataan yg terkeluar dari mulut ku apabila menilik SMS sejurus setelah terdengar 'code morse' ringtone pagi2 semalam 11 Feb 2009.
Well its sound like a bad news, yes...bad news indeed. Another message from traffic dept(METRASH services) "A RADAR VIOLATION IS REGISTERED FOR PRIVATE VEHICLE - 169325 ON 06-02-2009 AND AMOUNT IS 500 QR.-CAR SPEED RECORDED IS 094 KM/HR".

Well, it is not my car since my car plate no is 42531 but this one 169325...after a while........ damned...!!!! this is my other car. The driver is the Ma'am.... again...!!!! Ouuuchhh..! See first one..saman!

She is such a good driver, yes, can't blame her for the summon. I have decided to find the reasons behind this, and an analytical excuses are decided. Hear this:

1. Speed limit 60 km/hr and 80 km/hr.
2. Violation 72 km/hr and 94 km/hr (12 km/hr and 14 km/hr)
3. Early morning, where there streets are not busy so easyly captured by cameras. One at around 8.30 am and latest at around 9 am on Friday (week-end).
Due to the above reasons, this is considered as unforced error or as doable by anyone(ye ke..?), and hopefully this will be the last though..!
And she's only have no luck. But anyway, consider this QR500 as sedekah...hi hi hi..!!!
Anyway, there are lots of enforcement recently, such as they have put some dynamic traffic radar along with the static one but hidden. I have seen few along Abu hamour Road towards Fish Market.

Tips - You will not get caught if similar violation during heavy traffic, because the radar will get confuse on whose is the bad driver.
Tips - Few Dormants Radar just to warn the drivers to reduces speed, that is why they have introduce extra hidden radar.

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Rentetan dari 'Prediction for A visitor from London... "

Kali ini aku akan cuba menulis dalam bahasa malaysia :

Sehari selepas aku membuat catatan bertajuk "Prediction for A visitor from London... ", aku menerima "SMS" dari Kakak Ku, berbunyi ..."Le, sorry, my trip is cancelled.tak jadi gi.sorry", haahh, ketika ini aku sedang memandu pulang dari pejabat QTel di West Bay. Rasa terkejut dan kecewa pun ada, menyelubungi pemikiran, bertambah kecewa kerana tidak dapat memberi tumpuan untuk membalas kiriman "SMS" tersebut. Aku sempat menaip beberapa perkataan bertanyakan alasan sementara menunggu lampu hijau di Rawdat AlKhail(aku amat mengingati persimpangan ini kerana isteriku mengatakan ianya Rawdat Al-Khalil dan akulah yg betul).

"Apasal? Dah buat entry kat blog hu hu hu budok2 doh excited", itulah bunyi "SMS" yg sempat ku taip mengunakan papan kunci QWERTY - GLOFISH M700 yg banyak berjasa (telefon mudah alih yang paling lama ku pakai > 2 tahun). Terdetik di hati dengan pertanyaan, adakah disebabkan tulisanku di laman blog Radius-Qatar, maka di tentukan untuk pembatalan lawatannya atau pun tidak ada kaitan sama sekali.Sebenarnya, alasan terkandung di dalam SMS berikutnya "So sorry, bos aku kena gi honk kong so dia cxl. me too really looking forward.sedih....", dan seterusnya aku membalas dengan menghantar perkataan atau ayat yg mudah difahami yg paling ringkas dan termahal iaitu "k", menunjukkan yang aku menerima dan faham akan sebab-sebab pembatalan tersebut, walaupun berbaur merajuk, kecewa dan sebagainya.Perasaan kecewa, merajuk adalah biasa dan semestinya akan timbul bilamana ada pertembungan antara kebaikan(positive-dengan izin) dan keburukan(negative-dengan izin). Kebaikan adalah setelah luahan keceriaan untuk menerima tetamu pertama ku di qatar di catatkan di laman 'blog' dan keburukan adalah berita atas pembatalan tersebut "yakni" sejurus selepas catatan.
Tuhan itu MAHA segala-galanya, kita di ajar supaya tidak mudah berputus asa, jangan cepat melatah dan bersabar tanpa ada batas. Aku menerima lagi pesanan ringkas "SMS" bertulis "But nati aku nak tengok dulu kalu ada cheap fare, aku gi jugak, dont knock it yet". Aku membacanya tanpa membalas, tetapi ada iras-iras atau bau-bauan yang lawatannya akan diteruskan. Kemudian kedengaran "code morse - a b c d e f ....tutut, tuuutuutututt, tuutuututt.." lagi sekali, (ini adalah nada dering yang aku gunakan) satu lagi "SMS", "Ok.checked.jadi gi.phew!flt 20/2 balik 23/2". dan sejurus kemudian aku menerima "itinerary" perjalanannya melalui "email".

Beberapa "SMS" lagi di hantar rentetan dari itu untuk menentukan beberapa perkara. Adakah Kakak ku dapat merasa akan kekecewaan yang aku rasai sekiranya dia tidak dapat meneruskan lawatannya dan atas sebab itulah dia terpaksa mencari pernerbangan atas urusan peribadi dan akan menghabiskan beberapa hari cutinya bersama Keluarga ku di Doha. Atau sememangnya dia akan tetap meneruskan perjalannan walau apa pun terjadi, samada atas urusan pekerjaan (bagaikan pucuk di cita ulam mendatang) mahu pun terpaksa berbelanja sendiri.
Hakikat, itulah kehendakNYA.

This document is automatically generated.
Please do not respond to this mail.
TELEPHONE: 0207 484 3310
-------------- ------------------- --------------------- -------- -------

note: segala kesilapan di dlam SMS adalah disengajakan, dan ia adalah yg sebenar.

Doa Harian

Dengan nama ALLAH yg Pemurah dan Penyayang, segala puji bagi ALLAH Tuhan Seru Sekelian alam. Ya ALLAH, kurniakanlah rahmat dan sejahtera atas penghulu kami Muhammad serta keluarga dan sahabatnya. Ya ALLAH, kami pohon kepadaMu kemaafan dan afiat, kesejahteraan selamanya dalam agama,dunia dan akhirat.
Ya ALLAH, baikanlah kesudahan kamipada segala perkara dan jauhkanlah kami dari kehinaan dunia serta siksa akhirat.
Ya ALLAH, kami mohon padaMu segala kebaikan samada lambat atau cepat, yang kami ketahui atau tidak kami ketahui. Ya Tuhan kami, kurniakankanlah kami kebajikan dunia dan akhirat seta jauhilah kami dari siksa neraka. Dan ALLAH, limpahkanlah rahmat serta sejahterakanlah junjungan kami Muhammad, keluarga serta sahabat-sahabat Baginda