Thursday, February 26, 2009

Accident...this time 2 parties

It just over 1 year since the last time I had a serious accident (see entry dah-rezekino-regretalhamdullillah), and today is the anniversary celebration, maybe.

Just passed 7.30 am, on my way work @ round-about after Toyota Intersection towards Corniche. The new RAV4 is in front for a while( on the far left lane-speeding lane), but running at 60-70 km/h. Arriving at the Crime Scene, one ferrari's red Camry suddenly stopped to give way to one stupid driver on the right to go to the far left exit at this R/A, another victim(RAV4) also stopped and followed by Acadia(me). No problem at this time until entering the exit towards Corniche where again this Camry made a sudden stopped, then again followed by RAV4. The Acadia did not anticipate the act, which was due to nothing. Then the loud skrreeeeeeeeeeeettttttt... followed by big banggg.!! and a broken back wind shield. The glass shattered everywhere. I did not panic, seriously, much cooler in handling the event. Immediately got out and admitted the by law rules that, ' the one at the back is always the wrong doer '. The guy in RAV4 is older than me, with wife and kid. He's also seems a nice man with a bit panic, but reasonable. He was not blaming me for the whole situation but of course want me to admit the fault. I called 999 and tell the police that was my fault in order to get the green light to move the vehicles, so as not to block/interfere the passing by traffics.

Then we made a report at the Airport Traffic and Investigation Department located at Mataar Qadeem. Got to pay for the summon for QAR110 (inclusive of stamping QAR10).

I will proceed with the repair at Mannai Workshop, maybe on Saturday(28Fen2009) since I have no rush for insurance approval due to third party coverage. There was an entry at this blog on how the QIC(Qatar Insurance Company) of did not want to accept my Comprensive Coverage application due to the high claimed on the Airbag thing that I had earlier..! Now I know why...kih kih kih..! They are right after a year, If I'm under probation, then I was failed.

As to me, this accident seems unavoidable, I could not drive much slower than 60Km/h at the far left lane. Also got reminded by a good friend Muhammad Syed Faisal at my FB Status on the same day with the Hadith,

Suhaib ibn Sinan narrated that the Prophet (s) said: "How remarkable is the case of the believer! There is good for him in everything, but this is not the case for anyone except for the believer. When the believer receives any good, he is thankful to Allah, and gets a reward. And when some misfortune befalls him, he endures it patiently, for which he is (also) rewarded."

That is true indeed,...! Shukran ya akhi, Syed...!

Anyway, itulah rezeki melimpah...Alhamdulillah

Selalu dok kutuk Maam, sebab dia Ratu Saman, as for me Raja Repair...he he he bukan Raja Lawak....!!

Doa Harian

Dengan nama ALLAH yg Pemurah dan Penyayang, segala puji bagi ALLAH Tuhan Seru Sekelian alam. Ya ALLAH, kurniakanlah rahmat dan sejahtera atas penghulu kami Muhammad serta keluarga dan sahabatnya. Ya ALLAH, kami pohon kepadaMu kemaafan dan afiat, kesejahteraan selamanya dalam agama,dunia dan akhirat.
Ya ALLAH, baikanlah kesudahan kamipada segala perkara dan jauhkanlah kami dari kehinaan dunia serta siksa akhirat.
Ya ALLAH, kami mohon padaMu segala kebaikan samada lambat atau cepat, yang kami ketahui atau tidak kami ketahui. Ya Tuhan kami, kurniakankanlah kami kebajikan dunia dan akhirat seta jauhilah kami dari siksa neraka. Dan ALLAH, limpahkanlah rahmat serta sejahterakanlah junjungan kami Muhammad, keluarga serta sahabat-sahabat Baginda