Wednesday, October 31, 2007

It's End of The Month Again.....

Today is the last day of October 2007. There always something on the way, like yesterday, 2 accidents and today also got one, near the Port Roundabout. It become normal nowdays .......

Last night, did go to watch Squash, and joining Giant for bowling. We bowled like crazy, kids played 2 each and we're 9 each. The score...mmmm still not improved and in fact become bad. I need to do something, I need to get the ball, our own ball...mmmm how...haa...??? Ask for the ball at the pro shop (sort of...), but the only ball available only hook ball size 16lbs and 15lbs and only 3 balls only. There are no choice for us. May be I can think of something soon, or maybe anyone who can help me...he he he...!

For the bad game, not only me, my sister in law back home, also have a bad games lately...! maybe the month itself is the 'not so good month' for bowling...!! Just kidding...!

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Tuesday again.....!

See more photo of us during last trip to Inland Sea @

All the way to the office (along corniche) were congested due to 2 accidents or maybe due to conference held (6th Natural Gas Conference) at Sheraton.
Talking about events, I think Our Agung will be coming to Doha for Endurance Event, not sure when, maybe after the newly appointed Ambassador report duty.
Also Nicole Ann David will be having a competition (Doha Classic) here in Doha starting yesterday, 29th Oct – 2nd November 2007. The squash will be held at Khalifa Stadium. I’m planning to support her today, below are the details:

Nicol David will commence her bid to retain the Qatar Classic, today at 2pm.
Beng Hee will play at around 3.30pm followed by Mohd Azlan Iskandar eight matches later.
Quarterfinals on Thursday start at 2pm for women and 5pm for men.
Semifinals on Friday start at 5.30pm for women and 7pm for men. Finals on Saturday start at 5.30pm.

Monday, October 29, 2007

Far----Far----Away (HariRaya)

Missing home for eid celebration. This year Raya was the first time celebrated away from home. We missed them especially during Morning of first Raya. The pix is part of my wife's family or my in laws. (Mother, Father, Brother, Sister, Nephew, Nieces, grand nephew..if they called it....! etc)

This is one of our nephews back home Atabara, Kuantan

My 3 kids...not My TV3....

One of the Sister-in-law family, staying in kuantan who love bowling like crazy also...(in fact craziest.....) Too many events won and many more to come ....(eemmmm hope so after the last frustrated score of .. .. .. .. .. .. .. )

Another 4 nieces

Cheering up Monday !

"Selamat Hari Raya from us" and today...I think I'm gonna start with this joke :

"A Woman was out golfing one day when she hit the ball into the woods.She went into the woods to look for it and found a frog in a trap. The frog said to her, "If you release me from this trap, I will grant you three wishes."The woman freed the frog, and the frog said, "Thank you, but I failed to mention that there was a condition to your wishes. Whatever you wish for, your husband will get times ten! "The woman said, "That's okay."For her first wish, she wanted to be the most beautiful woman in the world. The frog warned her, "You do realize that this wish will also make your husband the most handsome man in the world, an Adonis whom women will flock to". The woman replied, "That's okay, because I will be the most beautiful Woman and he will have eyes only for me."So, KAZAM-she's the most beautiful Woman in the world! For her second wish, she wanted to be the richest woman in the world.The frog said, "That will make your husband the richest man in the world. And he will be ten times richer than you."
The woman said, "That's okay, because what's mine is his and what's his is mine."So, KAZAM-she's the richest woman in the world! The frog then inquired about her third wish, and she answered, "I'd like a mild heart attack."
Moral of the story: Women are clever. Don't mess with them.
Attention female readers : This is the end of the joke for you. Stop here and continue feeling good.
Male readers : Please scroll down.......... .........
The man had a heart attack ten times milder than his wife.
Moral of the story : Women are really dumb but think they're really smart. Let them continue to think that way and just enjoy the show.
PS: If you are a woman and are still reading this;
it only goes to show that women never listen!!!"

(Note so sooorry guys the above is really a joke sent by a friend, it did mean nothing, ok.)

Event: on the way to Inland Sea, meeting with a lots of Jamals

Seems like this jamal likes ACADIA.

Haaahhhhhhhhh ....(sigh..) Intend to go for bowling tonite but not yet confirm.

Bowling is confirm tonite, but still depending on the lane availability.
Mmmmm... it was a bad day for bowling...! Just got back from QBC (but not having bowling at all), Rameez Int (beside Jarir Book Store) and Thai Massage & Snack ( ...not having massaging for sure...).
Been to QBC but like always...frustration is a must where there always a full house. Don't go for monday bowling @8.30 pm. They are having an Inter Companies Tournament. Actually we are also invited the other day by Marlyn one of the Marketing Head of QBC, I think, but one must used Co name for entry. Actually it is a good thing for a company because they have to pun some sort of banner on the Lane Board, so it is a Advertising or Branding Strategy also. But we are not prepare to aproach our employer for that, so it is really fun for them who participate.
Due to the frustration, we are moving to Rameez International, infront of Mandarin Restnt., actuall it is like 'Mydin' back home.
After that, drived to Thai Snack in Al-Sadd, had a 'Ikan Masam Manis', Tom Yum', 'Pad Prig', ' Air Longan' and Fries for Baby Aiza.
Half an hour there, and just want to go home, met Zahid and Ayax there. Zahid working @ CDC and Ayax @ QIA. There both are just got back from home celebrating Raya with the love ones.
I'll put some pictures of them next time (havent got any this time....)
Anyway, we are going to have a big BBQ cum Crabbing this coming Thursday night (1 Nov) at Semeisma. A few geng have already confirmed, My Family, Issyam's, a few from QA, Rizal's, Khizmie ...(I think he must be revenge to the one that bit him), and open to family of friends. Try to get 2 lamb legs and 'salai' on the day.
Hope we will have a good crabbing day.

Sunday, October 28, 2007

Tiring Sunday....

Got back from Inland Sea @ 6pm. Tired...very very tired and could not even write in the blog. I'm not sure what happened @ Inland sea, but we weren't able to find the spot for a picnic. The 4WD were stuck a few times, and to release them, huhhhhhh it was a challenging one because we only have 2 man.

Anyway, the kids still have a taste of the sea water and had a nice swim at home.

Today, emmm I think I'm gonna rest and put something to remember from long ago......

paper cutting.............

The last baby was born ....

sometimes not long ago...

Saturday, October 27, 2007

New Saturday.......

Just get ready for 'Sandduning'..........suppose to get going @ 8am...mmmmaybe a little bit delayed. Yesterday was a very full with outside activities day. We had 'attending raya' - still, 'window shopping' - also, 'eating out' - must, 'bowling' - compulsory, 'crabbing' - try. All that activities were done in a single day, and we got home from late crabbing just wanna try out - (12 mid-1 am) and got back with 3 crabs.(not bad for first timer and with a short hour). It was an addicted activity, once you can catch one, I'll promise you that....!

For bowling, huhhhh..! it was hard to get the lanes especially in the weekend evening. I have to wait for 2 hrs just to get 1 lane and only available to me @8.30, almost. They are filled with Philippinos. They have a very big club called 'All Philippinos Bowling Association', and most of the lanes are occupied by them - almost all day, all week, all the time. It is not them to blame, it means why we can't have one...? The only way to have one is that, we have to gather at least 50 Malaysian and register them with QBC, then the Bowling Association is formed. We can have tournament, arrange for competition and promote 'Malaysia, Truly Asia'. To gather '50 Malaysian' is easy but not for 'Who Love to Bowl', so it is a long way, really. During the session, I almost saw a history to be made at QBC, or maybe in Qatar. This one bowler almost scoring a perfect game, 300 pinfall. you guess what was the actual score...???....when I said almost I really meant almost closed to 300, - the score was 299, only the last frame (frame 12), the pin down was 9, what a thrilled...!!! It was the tournament, only practice, normal session, but he is the regular and skilled bowler, I could recognise from the face.

Friday, October 26, 2007

A Little bit of Frustration but ......

Just got back from Corniche, but not straight away, stop by @ Al Naurah Pizza. The Pizza base is very crunchy and tasty, this week, almost every night have to take a piece.

We went there (Corniche) with Rizal's Family (Yati + Mawi World+Maisarah+Farhan) since 5pm to support "Bid Celebration", and speaking of that, there a bit of frustration bcos there what so called celebration event is not as expected, or maybe this is what we should expect...!
.......but it was not so bad and in fact not bad at all because we sat there until 10.40pm, having Nasik Lemak, Telur mata sapi, daging goreng, pastry etc. The temp was so nice, cool breeze air all the time. Never having a picnic with nasik lemak at Rumailah/Bida Park before, and really cool me off. A very relaxing time, and for the kids, they having a good time too, with Roller Skate and all.

Fireworks presentation is almost 1/2hr (not exactly), but it's happening.....!! didn't have tripod to for holding the camera to capture the event, hence the result..................not nice ...heehh
We (Me/My family) went there with 3 kids but got back with 4 .....hhuummmmm who was the extra one ------->

This is Mawi, Rizal's kid, he had a sleep over tonight...!! MAWI/ASNAWI, you're most welcome, and Rizal, don't worry I won't ask him to do the chores...he he he.. actually planning to Bowl @ QBC. Been invited to join a few geng for Crabbing/fishing at (sounds like) meissama - way to Al Khor. Can't join them, coz planned to bowl and maybe getting the roller skate for kid and kot ha ha ha...

Thursday, October 25, 2007

Accidental Hero

A little bit late to the office today...! There always few traffic jammed on the way..! Al-Corniche route, I thought that only during Ramadan it always be happening but not...Anyway, today we are planning to join the crowd for the Bid Celebrations. Seen a few big (not so big for rich country like Qatar...) white screen starting from the middle, where the antelope species(Oryx Mascot) standing up to the lepak area near Sheraton. Thinking of parking the car there and walk along Corniche Walking Path, don't know my kids/wife could afford to walk or not, but definitely I can foresee a big crowd, with a little bit of showing-off (from some people) and a terribly 'Sardine' like stuck (in the dark) on the road tonight, but what the heck once in a blue moon.

Don't know Rizal's (kentz) family and Others....maybe they have their own plan, or maybe I could use their escape route.

Plan to escape to QBC after that, [after the fireworks (they say..!), or Nancy Ajram's song ( if she is performing- my kids are the Ajram-Natic - now they learned arabic through her song, we bought the CD for >QR50 ...], maybe after a few frames, then we'll go home. If got stuck very badly in the crowd, then tomorrow definitely it ( to QBC coz very long time don't see the lanes --- we love to bowl like crazy...! besides solving the most challenging SUDOKU, you can see from the trophy earned by K.Pah and Che Aiman, within 2 wks here, during MAQ Bowling Merdeka Tournament)And also I'm the only M'sian who enter the Ramadan Tournament, which the prize money for A-Bowler QR 15k, and B-Bowler QR10k. I did the MQ (Master Qualifying) for 3 times only, 3 games for each one, and the best 6 games will be count to for selecting the best 16 bowlers in each category. Then the best 8, 4, 2 and lastly the champ.

I could not go and do the MQ so often coz, you know Ramadan is the month of AMAL so ....eeeheemmm..!

My average so far here, in QBC would be 180, I could not find the consistency here, maybe due to psychology effect, or maybe we are not bringing our own ball(...excuses!), or maybe I have to change from Spinner to playing the 'Hook'. Thought of getting the hooked ball here, 14-15lbs, spin ball for my weight is only 12lbs max, and there are nobody else here in QBC playing spin ball, that is why I'm nervous, thinking of it might be illegal for a certain House.(--because of the oiling, etc --- just guessing) and this is the psychology that I was talking about! Actually bowling is not the energy sport, we compete mentally and definitely not like soccer, where the score could go more than infinity (we also beaten in futsal - 0-20/0-16 against Qatari's team in the Tournament recently - I'll talk about that later) it is the game of mind, we are playing, fighting with own-self, high discipline, planning carefully, taking time before throwing the ball and hitting the 'right' pocket, maybe just like golf but who are bowling can't go for golf because it will jeopardize the swing.
Oklah! I'll talk more about bowling when I come to it some other time..!
The pix is 'Giant'-nickname, my bowling buddy from QA.

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Life's goes on....

Lagi 10 minit kul 7.30pm, Mam(bini) ajak ziarah Nani (dalam pantang selepas kelahiran Puteri Qistina a.k.a Puteri Lulu, di Hamad MC). Nani ni wife Shambing, colleague and staying in Ben Mahmood.

family Shambing...

Planning nak singgah makan kat luar malam ni, emmmm kan ke hari gaji.....kena rasuah bini mlm ni, sebab nak ajak gi Inland Sea sabtu ni. Dia takut naik bukit pasir, macam tempohari...(nt aku post kat blog ni bila ada masa...),.....dah nak keluar sambung mlm nt...

Evening news ...... not Jason's song...!!!

Lots of assignment got today from work,....back home and do scanning faces all of us (xcept Mom...! and kakak bibik..!!)

This is the product, pretty scary eehhh...!!!

Last posting forgot to include this daughter in the storyline.......she'll get sad, so here it goes ....the pix

Anyway, recap back 41/2 months ago, I've got everything done in quite short time, with a hectic life in Doha. Everything, meant...RP (self), Visa and RP (family), Qatar driving license...1st try, Kids Schooling, Medical Card (still not ready even have been > 1 mth), bought AWD and most importantly job confirmation (.... so many allowance depend on it). Have to go up and down almost everytime, email here and there..., asking for help almost everyday until it's done. Eventually, manage to bring the lovely family in 2 mths time....quit a challenge in Doha.

Everything was with the help of Few Good Men.....King(Raja Azlan Shah), Syed Muhammad Faisal (Wudi), Azmin, Issyam

(Fasha+Tisha+Tasha - my neighbour here and back home but got to know him here...eeemmm how small the world is...shukran minnallah).

They are all working @ the same company as I am. There are few more colleagues namely Khairul Anuar (Sr), Khairul (Jr), Abdul Rahman and Mohd Hisham K. Currently, there are 9 of us ---- M'sian working in Telco Industry in Doha, Qatar :) (---currently monopolist and not for long, the legislator has opening up for competitors to enter.....with some condn, just wait and see)

On the way to the office, always tuning to QBS, 97.5 Mhz. It was saying that tomorrow there will be a big party @ Corniche . Interestingly, never been there "officially/formally" coz actually nothing interesting except 'City by the Sea' view and only nice to be in the late evening or night. Have been ask few times like, "Abah, jom gi Corniche, buleh skating, picnic ....bla...bla....!", but then always have something more important, in facts, it is hard to find a parking spot especially on weekends. Maybe his dreamed will be realised tomorrow....! insyaallah...!!They will be organizing this event, maybe (I'm not so sure) for lobbying to be the Host for 2016 Olympic or 2010 Paralympic, (whispering ...not so sure...!!! ) :(
Recap .....early time in Doha

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

---- Permanent @ Doha..?

~Me :)

Assalamualikum w.b.t,
I'm here since 18-May-2007---------> Not shocked with the whether but the culture maybe ...emmm sort of........[will be entertained later]!!!! have been here for a week in mid of Feb '07 for job interview that was the reason of anticipating the high temperature (Year high 50C) and humidity.

RADIUS - [ My wife - a.k.a K.Pah, eldest - Che Aime Z (MaMan) , Middle - Che Aina H (NaNa) and Youngest - Che Aiza H (ZaZa)]

the blog
. Medium --- Should be both english or Malay or understandable language - maybe ARABIC ... since I'm in the GULF Country.
. Format --- Casual/Informal . Genre --- Informative blog

Brief History
Me or Qatar..?

Qatar is a small; narrow, almost flame-like peninsular nation pointed directly at the North Pole. It is situated on the southwest coast of the Arabian Gulf, adjacent to and east of Saudi Arabia, northwest of the United Arab Emirates and south of Iran. The tiny island nation of Bahrain lies just off the coast to the northwest.
The capital, Doha, is located on the central east coast to the northwest. Qatar has a total land area of 11,437 square kilometers (7106 square miles).
The capital, Doha, is located on the central east coast on a sweeping harbor and is the major administrative, commercial, and population center. Other ports include Umm Said, Al Khor, and Al Wakrah. Only Doha and Umm Said are capable of handling commercial shipping, although a large port and a terminal for loading natural gas are planned at Ras Laffan, north of Al Khor. Coral reefs and shallow coastal waters make navigation difficult in areas where channels have not been dredged.

About the people ....... government ....... culture ....... sports ....... hobbies ........ etc ----[ Qatar living site ]

Me .....? as we go along you will know more ......Everybody has his own blog, so am I, what is the big deal...!!!! Nothing! but there is something actually, think about it for a while...!!! Yupp....moment of sharing and caring (...emmm think so!)

Started today, 23 Oct 2007, try to get it done sooner but can't, don't have internet, landline (you know why...). Actually, my place is new area, no proper access road, no water line (daily water tank keep on coming and sometimes missing .......), just done cabling end of Aug'07 and now alhamdullillah can keep on posting for this blog.

This is the first time I'm writing to the blog, I think I'm doing well. starting at 3pm (after work --- 7am-3pm daily) until now 11.40pm, having break for solah, dinner and swimming in the pool with kids.

Ahhh ...I think I'm gonna recap all that what have been happening for

the past 41/2 mths tomorrow, because this baby starting to cry already........ and this boy need help to remove the roller from his school bag .....uuuhhhhh.

got stuck with the bag, ..... done after 1/2 hr trying to pull the rivet out, and believe me it was not an easy job (without damaging the bag), suppose to start dreaming already but got done @12++midnight.

end for now..........

Doa Harian

Dengan nama ALLAH yg Pemurah dan Penyayang, segala puji bagi ALLAH Tuhan Seru Sekelian alam. Ya ALLAH, kurniakanlah rahmat dan sejahtera atas penghulu kami Muhammad serta keluarga dan sahabatnya. Ya ALLAH, kami pohon kepadaMu kemaafan dan afiat, kesejahteraan selamanya dalam agama,dunia dan akhirat.
Ya ALLAH, baikanlah kesudahan kamipada segala perkara dan jauhkanlah kami dari kehinaan dunia serta siksa akhirat.
Ya ALLAH, kami mohon padaMu segala kebaikan samada lambat atau cepat, yang kami ketahui atau tidak kami ketahui. Ya Tuhan kami, kurniakankanlah kami kebajikan dunia dan akhirat seta jauhilah kami dari siksa neraka. Dan ALLAH, limpahkanlah rahmat serta sejahterakanlah junjungan kami Muhammad, keluarga serta sahabat-sahabat Baginda