Monday, October 29, 2007

Cheering up Monday !

"Selamat Hari Raya from us" and today...I think I'm gonna start with this joke :

"A Woman was out golfing one day when she hit the ball into the woods.She went into the woods to look for it and found a frog in a trap. The frog said to her, "If you release me from this trap, I will grant you three wishes."The woman freed the frog, and the frog said, "Thank you, but I failed to mention that there was a condition to your wishes. Whatever you wish for, your husband will get times ten! "The woman said, "That's okay."For her first wish, she wanted to be the most beautiful woman in the world. The frog warned her, "You do realize that this wish will also make your husband the most handsome man in the world, an Adonis whom women will flock to". The woman replied, "That's okay, because I will be the most beautiful Woman and he will have eyes only for me."So, KAZAM-she's the most beautiful Woman in the world! For her second wish, she wanted to be the richest woman in the world.The frog said, "That will make your husband the richest man in the world. And he will be ten times richer than you."
The woman said, "That's okay, because what's mine is his and what's his is mine."So, KAZAM-she's the richest woman in the world! The frog then inquired about her third wish, and she answered, "I'd like a mild heart attack."
Moral of the story: Women are clever. Don't mess with them.
Attention female readers : This is the end of the joke for you. Stop here and continue feeling good.
Male readers : Please scroll down.......... .........
The man had a heart attack ten times milder than his wife.
Moral of the story : Women are really dumb but think they're really smart. Let them continue to think that way and just enjoy the show.
PS: If you are a woman and are still reading this;
it only goes to show that women never listen!!!"

(Note so sooorry guys the above is really a joke sent by a friend, it did mean nothing, ok.)

Event: on the way to Inland Sea, meeting with a lots of Jamals

Seems like this jamal likes ACADIA.

Haaahhhhhhhhh ....(sigh..) Intend to go for bowling tonite but not yet confirm.

Bowling is confirm tonite, but still depending on the lane availability.
Mmmmm... it was a bad day for bowling...! Just got back from QBC (but not having bowling at all), Rameez Int (beside Jarir Book Store) and Thai Massage & Snack ( ...not having massaging for sure...).
Been to QBC but like always...frustration is a must where there always a full house. Don't go for monday bowling @8.30 pm. They are having an Inter Companies Tournament. Actually we are also invited the other day by Marlyn one of the Marketing Head of QBC, I think, but one must used Co name for entry. Actually it is a good thing for a company because they have to pun some sort of banner on the Lane Board, so it is a Advertising or Branding Strategy also. But we are not prepare to aproach our employer for that, so it is really fun for them who participate.
Due to the frustration, we are moving to Rameez International, infront of Mandarin Restnt., actuall it is like 'Mydin' back home.
After that, drived to Thai Snack in Al-Sadd, had a 'Ikan Masam Manis', Tom Yum', 'Pad Prig', ' Air Longan' and Fries for Baby Aiza.
Half an hour there, and just want to go home, met Zahid and Ayax there. Zahid working @ CDC and Ayax @ QIA. There both are just got back from home celebrating Raya with the love ones.
I'll put some pictures of them next time (havent got any this time....)
Anyway, we are going to have a big BBQ cum Crabbing this coming Thursday night (1 Nov) at Semeisma. A few geng have already confirmed, My Family, Issyam's, a few from QA, Rizal's, Khizmie ...(I think he must be revenge to the one that bit him), and open to family of friends. Try to get 2 lamb legs and 'salai' on the day.
Hope we will have a good crabbing day.

Doa Harian

Dengan nama ALLAH yg Pemurah dan Penyayang, segala puji bagi ALLAH Tuhan Seru Sekelian alam. Ya ALLAH, kurniakanlah rahmat dan sejahtera atas penghulu kami Muhammad serta keluarga dan sahabatnya. Ya ALLAH, kami pohon kepadaMu kemaafan dan afiat, kesejahteraan selamanya dalam agama,dunia dan akhirat.
Ya ALLAH, baikanlah kesudahan kamipada segala perkara dan jauhkanlah kami dari kehinaan dunia serta siksa akhirat.
Ya ALLAH, kami mohon padaMu segala kebaikan samada lambat atau cepat, yang kami ketahui atau tidak kami ketahui. Ya Tuhan kami, kurniakankanlah kami kebajikan dunia dan akhirat seta jauhilah kami dari siksa neraka. Dan ALLAH, limpahkanlah rahmat serta sejahterakanlah junjungan kami Muhammad, keluarga serta sahabat-sahabat Baginda