Thursday, February 12, 2009

Ouuuchhh...Kena Saman Lagi....!!!!500 hu hu!

Oucchhhh...! Itulah perkataan yg terkeluar dari mulut ku apabila menilik SMS sejurus setelah terdengar 'code morse' ringtone pagi2 semalam 11 Feb 2009.
Well its sound like a bad news, yes...bad news indeed. Another message from traffic dept(METRASH services) "A RADAR VIOLATION IS REGISTERED FOR PRIVATE VEHICLE - 169325 ON 06-02-2009 AND AMOUNT IS 500 QR.-CAR SPEED RECORDED IS 094 KM/HR".

Well, it is not my car since my car plate no is 42531 but this one 169325...after a while........ damned...!!!! this is my other car. The driver is the Ma'am.... again...!!!! Ouuuchhh..! See first one..saman!

She is such a good driver, yes, can't blame her for the summon. I have decided to find the reasons behind this, and an analytical excuses are decided. Hear this:

1. Speed limit 60 km/hr and 80 km/hr.
2. Violation 72 km/hr and 94 km/hr (12 km/hr and 14 km/hr)
3. Early morning, where there streets are not busy so easyly captured by cameras. One at around 8.30 am and latest at around 9 am on Friday (week-end).
Due to the above reasons, this is considered as unforced error or as doable by anyone(ye ke..?), and hopefully this will be the last though..!
And she's only have no luck. But anyway, consider this QR500 as sedekah...hi hi hi..!!!
Anyway, there are lots of enforcement recently, such as they have put some dynamic traffic radar along with the static one but hidden. I have seen few along Abu hamour Road towards Fish Market.

Tips - You will not get caught if similar violation during heavy traffic, because the radar will get confuse on whose is the bad driver.
Tips - Few Dormants Radar just to warn the drivers to reduces speed, that is why they have introduce extra hidden radar.

Doa Harian

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Ya ALLAH, baikanlah kesudahan kamipada segala perkara dan jauhkanlah kami dari kehinaan dunia serta siksa akhirat.
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