Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Renew - Insurance and Istimarah


This morning, (not so morning almost afternoon) I went to QIC-Qatar Insurance Company for my Motor Insurance Renewal. We need to have motor insurance in order to renew Istimarah (Car Reg Card).

I was informed that my last claim (for Airbag Problem + Tyre+Rim) was QR36k and I was denied by them to take comprehensive coverage. I just wonder why the insurance business here is like that, what is the reason. It was totally beyond business norm i.e to get customers and selling products.

They said because of my claimed was more than QR20k I can only take 'Third Party' which is will cost me only QR360 for driver only and QR710 with passenger. If I still want comprehensive coverage which is including own damage, I will have to go to other insurance company. For me it was just unreasonable. Why not giving me what I want and charging me for what it's worth. Of course 'Third Party' is cheap but, just wonder why is like that.

Maybe the reason was that I'm and will claim again for my own damage which will cost them a fortune. Maybe they just think that it is not worthy to have a customer which already made claimed > QR20k.

Anyway, don't want to waste more time in the hot weather, I just pay QR710 and keep telling my self be extra careful next time, do not self inflict my self again.


My registration expired on 8/7/2008. After renewal it will expired on 24/6/2009. I waste 14 days.

Doa Harian

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