Sunday, January 6, 2008

New Day Today....

Again it's a new day....still do have to update this with Aiza and Aina waking-up eventhough early morning has to go to School (Doha Academy). It's the first day in 2008, since holiday on 13th Dec

Me I've to go to PEP Course (Performance Evaluation Program..maybe the meaning) @ Abu Harmour QTel Training Centre. But tomorrow will be a new routine since my wife has already started working @ XM-Gulf in Markhiya, so my routine will be --sending kids to School---- Sending Mam to work---then finally sending myself to QTel (working of course....), tomorrow, opppss... today already early morning, 6.30am will be the pilot day.

Before I forgot here are 3 more pictures of Zaza+Nana as requested by their cousin K.Di---how are you+family doing...?.

This is Zaza. She's 3++ on 10 Dec last year (2007), but we never had a cake yet for her. Maybe this week, or the latest before end of Jan 2008.
Few time she was dreaming to have one, with B'Day song and everything. Insyaallah we'll have one, if not at home or maybe @McDonald, ye lah tu...!!!
For all cousins in Malaysia, lets wish Zaza 'Selamat Hari Lahir -(Belated)'.

This is one more, with electric guitar.......!
Che Zaza pun posing gak ngan guitar Aiman.

Doa Harian

Dengan nama ALLAH yg Pemurah dan Penyayang, segala puji bagi ALLAH Tuhan Seru Sekelian alam. Ya ALLAH, kurniakanlah rahmat dan sejahtera atas penghulu kami Muhammad serta keluarga dan sahabatnya. Ya ALLAH, kami pohon kepadaMu kemaafan dan afiat, kesejahteraan selamanya dalam agama,dunia dan akhirat.
Ya ALLAH, baikanlah kesudahan kamipada segala perkara dan jauhkanlah kami dari kehinaan dunia serta siksa akhirat.
Ya ALLAH, kami mohon padaMu segala kebaikan samada lambat atau cepat, yang kami ketahui atau tidak kami ketahui. Ya Tuhan kami, kurniakankanlah kami kebajikan dunia dan akhirat seta jauhilah kami dari siksa neraka. Dan ALLAH, limpahkanlah rahmat serta sejahterakanlah junjungan kami Muhammad, keluarga serta sahabat-sahabat Baginda